• Srisha's Puthiya Bharathi
  • Srisha's Astha Mala
  • Srisha's Siragadipen
  • Srisha's Krishna Ganam
  • Srisha's Aruyire

Tamil Music Albums

Srisha, the songstress who reins the hearts of many music lovers through her soulful melodies needs no introduction. She has the kind of voice which can express the beauty of Carnatic music with great perfection and can equally enthral audiences with her energizing patriotic Tamil music album. Her voice can express the pain in love and the devotional melodies with same ease. A wide range of emotions-anger, shy, laughter, love, patriotism enjoys its very existence in her voice.

Despite being a trained classical singer and an established singer today, the ‘Super singer’ makes sure to work very hard to offer even more mesmerizing Tamil music albums to the audience. She feels that in the competitive world of music where different kinds of textures and voices are flourishing and finding space, it is very important to stay focussed and do practice on regular basis.

Srisha’s music has that divine quality to it, one that will have you feeling like you are in heaven, away from all the worries of the world.

Srisha, who won millions of hearts at a very young through her soulful music, feels that everyone should have the chance to pursue what they've always envisioned for themselves, for her it was becoming one of the leading singers and it is because of this belief of hers she has become one of the most popular Tamil female singers of today.

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