Srisha's Ashtamala
Album Name : Srisha's ASHTAMALA
Music Director : DHINA
Year : 10-Dec-2013
Srisha's Puthiya Bharathi
Album Name : Srisha's PUTHIYA BHARATHI
Music Director : DHINA
Year : 01-Apr-2013
lyrics : VAALI
Album Name : Srisha's Siragadipen
Music Director : Srinivas

Tamil Carnatic Singers

Srisha is one of the most prominent Tamil carnatic singers, who is reputed for her deeply classical style and vast repertoire of compositions of various genres that has made her one of the most loved names in the Carnatic tradition of vocal music.

Srisha’s life has been soaked in melody from the very beginning. At a very young age, this multi talented singer ventured into the music industry with her debut devotional album.”ASTA MALA”, which went on to become a huge hit.

Srisha attributes her success and achievements to her teachers and to the bountiful blessings of her parents and fans who encouraged her to refine her art and become one of the leading Tamil classical singers.

Her music albums-“PUDHIYA BHARATHI”, ” SIRAGADIPEN”, “SRISHA'S ASHTAMALA” have been appreciated by the music lovers all over the world and in a very short span of time she has become one of the most loved singers in the Tamil music industry. The way she instantly connects with her audience and feels their pulse has helped her make a place in every music lover’s heart.

One of the most popular vocalists of the Tamil music Industry, Srisha strives to adhere to her strict classical values imbibed from her Gurus and aspires to take this tradition of vocal music to new heights.

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